The next HOA Foxdale meeting is scheduled for Febuary 26th from 1-2pm at the Urbandale Public Library. 

Attention: Charter Bank is discontinuing their Shazam system. This means that if you use ACH, you will need to set up auto pay with your bank or write a check starting April.  It is highly recommended that all association members set up auto pay.  ACH will be continued through March.  

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We recognize your desire to maintain the current association dues. In order to do so, we must manage expenses. The Foxdale Board of Directors is committed to maintaining and improving the overall appearance of the complex as well as increasing our reserves, but we must have the assistance and cooperation of the homeowners. Please consider the following guidelines:

  1. Stay current on your dues -- Dues are the only source of income the association has to cover expenses. Managing the Foxdale complex on our own and not hiring an outside management company is solely done in an effort to keep the dues at an affordable level for all homeowners. Please consider utilizing the ACH option to have your monthly dues automatically withdrawn from your bank account. If interested, complete the ACH Authorization Form and either mail the form to the Foxdale Board of Directors or place in the dues collection box on the south side of building 10131.
  2. Take pride in the Foxdale community -- Your dues make it possible to maintain our public spaces. Anything we can take care of on own will save us all money as well as protect the value of our homes. Contact a Foxdale Board member with any ways you can help.
  3. Volunteer when possible -- Increasing our reserves and maintaining the appearance of the Foxdale property is our highest priority. You help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Foxdale Board of Directors